ANDERSEN GENÈVE presents its first ever "Montre à Tact" without a time window on the dial. 
Craftsmen can master their art to the edge on the full surface of the timepiece. 

Among the elegant Parisian society of the late 18th century it was considered impolite to consult one's watch when in company. 
In 1795, this formal etiquette inspired Abraham Louis Breguet to invent a pocket watch that read the time by feeling the exposed 
hour hand and hour markers on the case. ANDERSEN Genève revived this concept through a unique wristwatch called "Montre à Tact".

It discreetly reveals the time with the help of one reading time window; a disc turning aperture between the lugs. The Collector can discreetly read the time without the need to turn the wrist to reveal the dial. No hands are disturbing the artwork that takes place on the full surface of the timepiece. Fine attention to detail in all aspects can be admired.

Every component of this timepiece has been created and crafted in Geneva with the collaboration of local Artists. It is 100% Geneva made!


Model name:
“Montre à Tact” Only Watch 2019
"Pièce Unique" tribute to Craftsmanship

Montre à Tact 18K white gold case with flutes (cannelures in French) manufactured the traditional way (without a CNC machine). Anti-reflect sapphire glass. Window between the lugs to read time. A crown is applied on the back of the case to set the time (Patented System). Hand engraved case back.

First ever "Montre à Tact" without time window on the dial. Thanks to outstanding Artists, a Geneva scene at sunset is mastered. It is mounted on a 0.4mm two-tone mother of pearl plate with four elements hand engraved by a brilliant Artist. Mont Blanc Mountain in 18ct red gold, lake side and "Salève" Mountain in 21ct blue gold, "Belle Époque" boat in 18ct white gold and the Geneva "Jet d’Eau" in Mammoth horn.

High quality automatic movement upgraded by Andersen Genève with a time-window module developed and assembled in the atelier.
Hand-stitched blue calf strap with an 18K white buckle.

Diameter: 42 mm / Thickness: 9.8 mm

This timepiece is the union of experienced case makers, watchmakers, hand engravers, dial maker and jeweler from Geneva having more than 30 years of know-how in their respective fields.

CHF 50,000 - 55,000
EUR 45,000 - 49,500
USD 50,000 - 55,000
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